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FunkFeuer Austrian Map


FunkFeuer is a free, experimental network in Vienna, Graz, in parts of Weinviertel (NÍ) and Bad Ischl. It is build and maintained by computer enthusiasts. This project is non commercial.


FunkFeuer is open for everybody interested and willing to contribute. One of the goals is to built a unregulated network which has the potential to bridge the digital valley between the social layers and deliver the infrastructure and the knowledge for it.


To be able to participate in FunkFeuer you need a WLAN router (starting at 60 EUR) or a PC, the OLSR program, an IP from FunkFeuer, some patience and motivation. You can see on our map where reception of FunkFeuer should be possible (keep in mind that there might be buildings in your path, so reception is then only possible circuitous). One third of Vienna should be covered in principle. In Graz are some nodes around the Kunsthaus.


We build our network on our own!

Cool project. How can I help?

Versatile! We are a small team and need all the support we can get.

Contact us. There are some working groups. Most of the communication is done via the mailinglists.


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