Endorsing the wireless battlemesh
Freiwillige Spenden - Support FunkFeuer
Montagstreff Folien


Yes, a new Funkfeuer node!


SOP (Standard operating procedure) to join:

1. Monday meeting


You should attend the weekly Monday meeting.

You will find there some of the core members who will help you with technical details, planing, negotiations with your property management ...


2. E-mail


The rest of our communication is mainly through the mailinglists . Please subscribe to them. That's usually the fastest way to receive an answer.


3. Scan


You can borrow the equipment to scan for the Funkfeuer network at the Monday meeting with a small security deposit.

Afterwards you go to your roof with the antenna, the wifi card and a notebook and scan for Funkfeuer.


4. Get an IP address / register


Since non-unique IP addresses in our network can create havoc, we decided that

each person has to register for our official, static IP addresses.



5. Setup


If you can reach the Funkfeuer network, you can start to build your own node.

It's reasonable to setup one or two radio links and one omni directional antenna.


6. Stay in contact!


We permanently try to improve technical issues and experiment a lot with

new technology. So be sure to stay in contact with us and participate in the exiting attempt to create a community built- and run wireless network.



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